Character Journals: Daegon Arcanscape #1

Many new friends have died in the last few days and the idea of life and death has pushed its way to the forefront of my mind. While the extent of our friendships were perhaps limited to that of mere acquaintances, it has made me realize that in order to move forwards it is imperative to open up and reveal, as difficult as it is, some of the most guarded thoughts and memories in my mind.

I have finally told my story. Well, only part of it I suppose. It does sadden me that it is by the disillusionment of mortality; the thought that I, too, may perish suddenly and without purpose. It is quite frightening, but I have found some means of comfort in what I consider to be a true friend.

Khoury has, without hesitation, joined me in a renewed effort to search for the Eladrin. She is a great ally, and one I would not hesitate to stand up for if she were in trouble. She, too, has had her own shortcomings, and I have promised to take her to Yemgar Swamp to see the witch when opportunity allows. I shudder at the thought of once again meeting the witch, but I believe, with conviction, that her intentions are not that of malevolence or harm, but to enlighten and guide. Perhaps I am wrong…either way the thought of seeing her again terrifies me.

We have first decided to recruit some adventurers and head to Odysia. Years ago I vowed to return to my city only when I had found the Eladrin. Those were the thoughts of an angry, brash child, and with some encouragement from Khoury, it has now become clear that the city may yet hold clues to their disappearance. If not, then we can resupply and perhaps head out to sea to explore any areas off the mainland that have eluded me thus far.

2 comments on “Character Journals: Daegon Arcanscape #1”

  1. Robert Edquist aka Confessorx Reply

    This is great! Good job to you and to everyone who has made journals and written articles! I’ve read and enjoyed them all and don’t want you guys to think it was a wasted effort. I for one didn’t realize you could post comments on the articles, perhaps there are others as well? I don’t know if you guys will write anymore now that you are doing an audio version but I wanted to thank you all for taking the time to write these and enhance the story we’ve all come to love. Youra great bunch of people and i appreciate your creativity!

  2. JW Reply

    Daegon I just listened to this podcast, I’m rooting for you hang in there you are my favorite!

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