City of Aubrey

The town of Aubrey

– A quaint town to the east of Winterhaven,  Aubrey is a highly religious place. While the town itself is fairly peaceful, for many years it has had a problem with vampires. They have been attacked on many occasions. Angus White has been training clerics within the town for decades. Alexandra Holden has taken upon herself to to become the town’s protector. You can find her very often stalking the outskirts of the town and looking for any undead that would do the town harm. The most notable merchant in town would be Artimus Peck. A gnome with a reputation for carrying “the most reliable vampire fighting equipment in the west”.

Residents of Aubrey

PaddockGnomeAlchemistPaddock has recently come into his own as an alchemist and is doing well even though he had a rocky start. He’s currently looking into the application of plant life, as well as a way to make holy water without the usual blessing.
Matt CronoverHumanBakerA simple man with simple wants, Matt is unduly talented in his field. Though he swears he has no special secret, everything he makes just tastes better than normal, and his shop is well loved in town.
John RayneHumanClericAfter his sister was attacked by vampires when she was young John has dedicated his life to Amaunator. He hopes through faith and healing he might be able to help the area, and hates the undead with a burning passion.
Clayton GreatbeardDwarfTown GuardThough his parents had left Stonesunder in order to find a gentler life for their son, Clayton has always been true to his roots. Though he has a love for fighting he cares deeply for his town, and works to protect Aubrey from what lurks in the night.
Ingram CrossonHumanClericGrowing up poor and homeless, Ingram never expected much from life. They were saved from starvation by a cleric of Amaunator and have worshipped their god devoutly ever since.
Millien FauxHalf ElfWagon MakerMillen has been running a very successful business for a while now, as wagons are a very important staple to any Therian business. They live in relative comfort and are happy with their craft, working wood into a more useful form and always working on new innovations.
Fox BardwellHalflingSingerMusic has always been at the center of Fox’s life. Though he is still too young to risk venturing out of Aubrey he’s constantly working on his talent, and hopes to one day be a famous musician.
Blodørn JamesHumanClericBloodørn’s family was never very wealthy, and they always feared ending up working in the mines like their father. After their parents passed away they left home, and ended up finding peace in Amaunator.
Cornelius ChivayHumanClericBorn to a noble house, Cornelius was a bit of a rascal in his youth. Always negligent of rules and morals, he was looking to become an outlaw until a visiting priest changed his life and he went to Aubrey in order to dedicate his life to his new found god.
FoisairDragonbornHunterFoisair left Or’Rash as an infant when his mother was exiled due to sickness. Though she has long since passed and he might be able to return to his people, he has no desire to do so and enjoys braving the dangers of the forests in order to procure food.
Taylor Michael GreenHumanClericHaving always been a follower of Amaunator, Taylor dedicated his life to the church at an early age. He’s been happy ever since, providing shelter and healing to those who need it.
Nick RoweHumanClericNick is a healer, and served as a doctor for a long while until he went to Aubrey. The church fascinated him and after learning more he decided to work with Amaunator, utilizing his talents for his god.
BeiroHalflingFruit VendorBeiro lives a good life, importing their wares from afar and remaining at home to sell them. The halfling is always there with a smile, and is happy to see people enjoying their fruit.
Daithi O'hEireamhóinElfClericThough they grew up in the Evergreen, forest life never really suited Daithi. They traveled for a while before eventually stumbling upon Aubrey, and more importantly Amaunator, where they found the purpose they had always lacked.
Aaron JacobsHumanClericAaron always believed in Amaunator but never strongly, until his family was saved from vampires by the coming dawn. Soon after the event he dropped everything to become a cleric, and is happier than he’s ever been in the church.
Vitikin BloodclawDragonbornShieldhandAny questions about Vitkin’s past are always answered with nothing more than a glare. The dragonborn just showed up one day and seems content to live in the town, and though they say little no one is truly bothered by their presence.
Nathan ap OwainHumanClericNathan always wanted to help people but never was sure exactly how to do that. Eventually he turned towards the church, and though he is unsure of his faith he is quite talented when it comes to healing.
Antonious BlackheartTielfingBardA traveling bard, Antonious was never one to really stick closely for morals, or at least that’s what he’d have people believe. In truth he cares deeply for his home, and returns to Aubrey every once in a while to put his earnings towards a good use in the town.
Artyom DawntrackerHumanClericMore of a historian than a cleric, Artyom is one of the heads of the church and is dedicated towards putting together the history of the religion. They are also an excellent teacher, and desire to share the knowledge of Amaunator with all.

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