Camp Icebreaker

Camp Icebreaker

– Camp Icebreaker is a community for those who covet their privacy. Locked in the cold Northlands hidden behind the Ivory Peaks, this small village of sorts was developed from just a few cabins left behind by two mysterious brothers who, presumably, first built them.

Residents of Camp Icebreaker

Jerimiah JohnsonShifterFishermanJeremiah is used to the cold after having lived up north his entire life, and the ability to switch into a furred form doesn’t hurt either. He spends days out fishing, happy to relax in solitude before bringing back a catch.
RedfogHumanIce CollectorRedfog’s job isn’t easy, but it’s important and brings in money. Someone has to brave the wilds in order to get the best ice to ship to the rest of the continent, and a mixture of luck and skill has led to him being uniquely suited for the job.
Major StarkHumanBartenderThe rest of the camp is unsure of whether Major is actually the bartender’s name or a title from his past, but the man is good at his job. Always able to provide stories and warmth even in the harsh cold, he seems quite happy in the camp.
Victor ScottHumanSocial RecluseVictor never really liked other people, always too fascinated with books to really care about social customs. Eventually he ended up moving to Icebreaker to get away from everything and truly devote himself to his studies.
TimionMinotaurHunterAs the only minotaur in the camp Tim’s a bit of an oddity, but he’s nice enough and willing the share his game with those who need it. Why he left Thunderspire is a mystery, but he seems very happy at Icebreaker regardless.
Justin MasseyGnomeButcherWhen he came to Icebreaker looking for something new, Justin wasn’t expecting to find an empty butcher’s shop waiting to be used. When asked no one knew much about it, saying it had been there before anyone had arrived, and so he took over the place and is quite content to chop up meat while getting to know those around him.
James BourneHumanClericJames is dedicated to the Raven Queen, and a dream one night led him north. Icebreaker is where he spends his nights, but the days are spent wandering the wilds and contemplating death.
Regius TillerDwarfMageDwarven mages are rare, and Regius came to Icebreaker out of curiosity. There they’ve found a home, and are currently working on a way to use magic to preserve ice and other frozen things.
ScaseHumanSocial ReclusePhilosophy and thought have always been the most important things in Scase’s life, and eventually he sought to get away from the noise of society. At Icebreaker he is able to meditate uninterrupted, an is working on a book full of novel and perhaps remarkable ideas.

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