City of Donhurst

The City of Donhurst

– If it weren’t for the nearby Orc Encampment, Donhurst would be a very pleasant city to live in. However, in the past few years they’d built high walls and guarded them heavily to protect the city, which has had a positive effect on the community. Farming is still nearly impossible outside of the walls, as the Orcs will destroy the crops and kill any farmers they see there. If one could get past that, the town is pleasant and open-minded.

Residents of Donhurst

SonariElfMayors AidSonari has lived in in Donhurst for most of their life, only venturing outside of the walls when it’s absolutely necessary. They are devoted to the city and doing what’s best for the people, and have worked their way up through the political ladder in order to do so more effectively.
Omni MalchortElfMageEven in a fairly large city such as Donhurst there are relatively few mages that actually make their home within the walls, and Omni is one of them. The elf grew up in Brightport, but once discovering magic they were able to make their way to better place where they now hope to make a good life.
DizzikHalflingMonkDizzik was the second child in the family of a sizable mining operation outside of Aubrey and spent most of their life dealing with business, until a group of monks passed through. Completely entranced by their lifestyle, Dizzik gave up their life and went with them where they learned their ways and now keeps home in Donhurst (though they spends most of their time outside the walls).
Paul BlazeHumanBakerAs a baker Paul has never experienced much excitement in their life, but loves it all the same. They have a loving family and their bakery is known throughout town as the best place to go for any type of celebration.
Soren WinterHumanClericSoren never knew their family and grew up on the streets of Donhurst, before leaving to join a group of outlaws. There they learned to fight and kill, but a dream came to them one night that lead them back to city and to the temple of Amaunator, where they now serve their god in peace.
Accius AirehartHalf-ElfWeapons MerchantAs a young child Accius was one of those who fled the growing tyranny of the Overwatch. Their family has since settled in Donhurst, where they are learning their father’s skill with metalworking while taking care of the shopkeeping end of the business.
Hugo GoldweiverDwarfCloth MakerGrowing up in Donhurst, Hugo never knew much about the traditions of dwarves culture besides what little was passed down from their mother. The dwarf excels at making the most miraculous fabrics, which have been worn by royalty across the continent.
Bill MonnesHumanSeller of Exotic PetsBill sells pets, but not just those for the average man. Though they do good business with

the normal stock, it is their strange talent with more strange (and even dangerous) beasts

that has elevated their store to a small level of fame.
BezelElfMerchant of Magical ItemsThough they are descended from a long line of powerful mages, Bezel never showed any signs of natural arcane talent but they have never regretted this. They’ve made a very successful business out of selling magical items, both to common folk and the more adventurous sorts.
Twin NunmakerHumanClericTwin was the younger child in a large and wealthy family, but with no hope of getting the inheritance their parents shipped them off to a temple of Amaunator to serve as a cleric. Though they do believe in their faith the dull days of a church worker don’t suit them, and they itch for something more exciting.
NistaElfBartenderAs a youth Nista was quite the party animal, and spent several long years traveling the world and doing things that would kill most people. Since then they’ve settled down somewhat and now serve as a bartender, helping along the lives of those who still seek the adventures the elf had already found.
JamesDrowWedding PlannerJames was raised by a strict and business-minded family. The experience he gained form his childhood has led him to form a career around the one thing he always had a passion for - love.
BlodgettTieflingHunterLucky enough to be in one of the few nicer cities in Theria, Blodgett always dreamed of excitement. Though they are not exactly adventurer material, the tiefling is determined to build up skills through hunting and eventually find adventure.
JamirHalflingFruit VendorJamir has never been known for his honesty. He’s made quite a pretty penny from his fruit stands, but after a rampant case of food poisoning rumors have begun to circle about him having gnomish blood.
Rance VoltHumanCarpenter Rance is the head carpenter of the group that constructed the walls around Donhurst. His ingenuity and help with protecting the city has gained him the respect of the people.
Andrew RountreeHumanTax CollectorAndrew hates his job with a burning passion, and not in the least because it makes other people hate him as well. Taxes are important, but all he’s ever dreamed of is being a world-renown bard, loved by all.
Araym OakheartDwarfToymakerDonhurst has one of the biggest and only toyshops in Theria, and its success is mainly due to Araym. The dwarf has a sparkling ingenuity and a kindness that has led them to working for the happiness of children.
Ronald WiseHumanLibrarianNo one knows where Ronald actually lives, as anyone who has ever seen him can only recall him being in the library. He’s obsessed with his research, whatever it may be, and is able to keep the shelves organized through a system that only he can understand.
Marianna ElizabethTieflingPaladinMarianne was orphaned at a young age and was a full-fledged member of House Hammerhand by the time she was fifteen. Her eye for violence eventually led her to Kord, where she found a more noble use for her talents and now serves at the temple in Donhurst.
Sylar GrayhornDwarfFarmerBeing a farmer for Donhurst is no joke, and Sylar is a shining example of what it takes. The battle-hardened dwarf not only has a true sense of the land but it’s been said they’ve fought off an entire horde of orcs with only a plow.
Petryo Halpick "Pick" FalkGnomePickpocketFor their entire life Pick has been good at exactly one thing, and that thing has gotten them into a lot of pockets as well as a lot of trouble. Originally they had moved to Donhurst to try and find a new way of life, but old habits die hard and they quickly fell back into routine.
Emilie McMahonHumanBarberEmilie has always dreamed of a world at peace, where things like fashion and art could truly have a chance to flourish. Whether they will live to see this dream come true is unknown, but they still aim to be ready to take up the mantle if it should ever come.
Jamven DarkeyesElfMageA young elf still living at home, Jamven is unsure of what to do with their future. Their magical talents have flourished in recent years and part of them longs to travel, but thoughts of Uman’Yiro will have to be put off until they can be sure their family will be safe.
Kragyar HarskDwarfPaladinHarsk is the head of the the Temple of Kord in Donhurst, and carries the holy word with a laugh and a greataxe. Rumor has it that they originally came from Stonesunder, but no one knows if that’s really the case or what drove them to leave.

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