City of Durnhollow

The City of Durnhollow

Affectionately referred to “The Alabama of Theria”, Durnhollow is a bit of a backwards city the is cradled between the Dead Wood and Pyre Forests. Mostly a town of whores and slavers, though it has gone through many fiscal setbacks, Durnhollow continues to thrive.

Residents of Durnhollow

Thrond BearmountainMulWhoreThrond was a slave for most of their life, and when the Nu-Val were cleared out they were free to choose their own path. Not having any other real talents, they are now happily serving as a whore, as it is easy to be happy with one's job when you have chosen it, and enjoying freedom.
LucianElfMember of the Nu-ValA tough childhood didn’t grant Lucian with a kind heart, and the elf is concerned with survival and little else. Still, part of them felt bad about having joined up with the Nu-Val and they were glad to be done with the slave trade once the group was driven out of town.
Jeriamia RiottHumanMember of the Nu-ValGrowing up in Durnhollow, Jeriamia has lived amongst slaves all their life and has never thought to question their existence. It’s simply a part of life and recently a way to earn a little cash, though after the Nu-Val were driven out they’ve begun to rethink their position.
Chump DuggityHumanRascalA troublemaker in childhood, Chump consistently seems to be falling on the wrong side of things. They simply seem to enjoy chaos, and have a talent for causing it, but also for creating laughter.
Yves ParadisHumanMidwifeYves grew up in a temple of Amaunator, and though she never considered herself a "True Believer", she saw the good in helping people. She traveled for some time before settling in Durnhollow, and uses her skills to help the women in the town.
Daniel GarrettHumanDrunkOnce he was a soldier, and from his tales a fine one at that, but somewhere along the line Daniel experienced a great deal of trauma and has since retired. He spends most of time self-medicating, which is certainly not the best answer to his problems but so far he has refused to seek help.
Davis SeeligHumanSmugglerDavis is good at slipping under the watchful eye of the law, and has taken up the profession of selling “rare” goods. Though he spends most of his time traveling his home remains in Durnhollow, and he passes through quite often and enjoys the 'services' the town has to offer, as well as making a few quick trades.
Fubar JenkinsHumanWhoreOne of the youngest in a rather large family, Fubar never really had a place and that was just fine with them. Though others may sneer at their lifestyle they couldn’t care, as they’re quite happy with the way their life has gone.
Willy the TaintedHumanRetired WhoreIt’s quite the mystery how Willy got their title, and though rumors about disease are rampant it did nothing but increase the whore’s mystique. That life is now behind them and they’re free to relax on their earnings, and though it isn’t glamorous they are quite content.
Jak DanelsHumanWhiskey ProprietorJak was always messing around with things best left alone, and though his first few experiments were a failure he’s recently lucked out with the recipe for a truly one of a kind whiskey. He’s beginning to set up a business around it, though time will tell if he sees any success.
Vyryl DingusHumanWhoreOriginally from Winterhaven, Vyryl sought a more quaint lifestyle and moved to Durnhollow in their youth. Strapped for cash and without any skills they turned to whoring, and discovered they actually enjoyed the profession quite well.
Unser the MulMulSlaveAn older mul, Unser has been a slave for all of their life. Their small size saved them from the fighting ring and instead they were given janitorial duties, which they have continued even though they are now technically free.
Matthew LongcakeHumanBakerMatthew has always dreamed of moving out of the city, but Durnhollow is where his family is and he can’t bear to leave. Besides, even with recent events he’s always been happy in the town and he has no real complaints about his life.
Wilford StoneBottomHumanWhoreWilford never really thought he would end up where he is now. He always dreamed of being an adventurer, but that career ended quickly and he’s now quite happy to not have to deal with the wilderness of Theria. His job is easy, and rather enjoyable.
Theron StudwellHumanWhoreTheron was raised in the whorehouse, and it was only a matter of time before he ended up working there himself. The life comes naturally to him and he’s one of the more skilled workers in Durnhollow.
Lady GriffinHumanMadameThere is perhaps not a single person in all of Durnhollow who can strike fear into the heart quite like Lady Griffin. She’s had a tough life, but her intelligence and perseverance has gotten her far and she takes care of her employees very well.

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  1. Noah Reply

    Thrilled to see you guys bring Chump Duggity to life in Durnhollow where he belongs. I honestly couldn’t have thought of a better place for him and the description is perfect!

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