City of Ebony Harbor

Ebony Harbor

– This tiny fishing village on the northwestern shore of The Mainland has enjoyed a peaceful relationship with the minotaurs of Thunderspire for years. They have traded fish and wild boar in exchange for protection from bandits and the occasional pirates. The village rarely gets travelers and as a result, is a pretty quaint place to live.

Residents of Ebony Harbor

RockyDwarfRetired PirateDuring their prime Rocky’s name was feared throughout the region, but a battle with a monster from the depths lead to their retirement. Now the dwarf takes to walking the beaches and telling tales of their past.
Hagnar Tiaroth-lorDragonbornTax CollectorHagnar has always been on the small side for a dragonborn, and when they were a child it was either escape Or’Rash or die. Luckily they make up for in brains what they lack in bulk, and have since made quite a pretty penny off of exploiting others’ gold.
Bosskwar WavestriderHumanTraveling MerchantBosskwar never knew their family, and grew up around the docks in Ebony Harbor. They like to say they know ships better than they know how to walk, and their skills at navigating the dangerous Therian waters have let them make a name in selling goods.
Asvren OrenguardMinotaurBarbarianThunderspire was Asvren’s home for most of their life, but recent history led them to seek greener pastures. The people of Ebony Harbor accepted them without blinking an eye, and Asvren is very protective over their new home.
QiuyeShifterPirateNo one knows exactly were Qiuye came from or why they’ve picked a place like Ebony Harbor to take up residence, especially since they have the tendency to leave for months on end. Rumors abound that the shifter is part of an elite group of pirates but the truth is a mystery.
Alexander StormwindDrowTown GuardAlexander was raised by a human family and their attitude is considered unusual for a drow. Their strong sense of honor led them to become a city guard, in order to protect those that can’t defend themselves.
Gal'VarroshTieflingBounty HunterIf one were to walk into Ebony Harbor’s bar, nine times out of ten they would find Gal’Varrosh even though they never take a drink. The tiefling is a newcomer and when asked about they’re presence only says that they’re searching for something… Or someone.
Belryl GlendmereHalf-ElfBardBoth of Belryl’s parents were sailors, and the half-elf was surrounded by sea chanties even while they were still in the womb. Music was always their love, and now that they’ve come of age they’re determined to share it with the world.
Helmut Xavier Cordelade IIIDwarfShip BuilderBeing a ship builder isn’t the most glamorous of lifestyles, but the dwarf loves their chosen craft all the same. They’ll often tell stories of famed and royal ancestors, and while compatriots may scoff no one knows how exactly Helmut came to the town.
Nowi EmblemTieflingPirateNowi grew up with stories about adventurers and heroes. Searching for an journey of their own lead the tiefling to a lifestyle that can be a bit grimy and dark, but they love it all the same.
Torc DivallisHalflingTailorHaving lived in the Ebony Harbor all of their life, Torc was clearly gifted with fine motor skills from a fine age. Though their creations can be expensive, knowledge of the hafling’s talent with needle and thread is beginning to spread throughout the continent.
IolantheDrowPoison MixerIolanthe’s shop is the finest potion store in town, but customers with darker tastes know that the backroom is where the drow keeps the good stuff. As long as you have the gold they’ll deal with you regardless of intent or disposition.
Storied SilvershaperGnomeStorytellerStoried is well liked in Ebony Harbor, and if you’re lucky enough to be at the inn when the gnome is present you’re in for a treat. They’re descended from a long line of metalworkers, and have taken up telling stories of the heroes their family has assisted on their great journeys.
SarsGnomePirateSars was always an adventurer. Parents were fighters, though they specialized in land creatures. When Sars decided to try to make it on their own, they wanted to try something new. The Sea. And thus far the sea had been quite a lovely adventure which Sars intends on continuing.

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