City of Esterholt

The City of Esterholt

Esterholt is cozy little city to the east of the Blackrock Mountains and south of the Heroes March. The current mayor is one Christina Keller, who has taken up dealings with all sorts in an attempt to rid the city of crime. Esterholt was formerly occupied by a tiefling blood-mage named Darmock, who only recently vacated the premises.

Residents of Esterholt

Gaétan ''Tranche-tête'' BarretteElfDancerAs a child Gaétan was always enamored with birds and other creatures that flew in the air. Though they knew they would never be able to actually take wing, learning the art of dance has given them a way to fly.
Nils LisDrowPickpocketNils was never really able to find their place in Esterholt, having grown up in an orphanage since their family was killed by the Overwatch. Currently they live on the streets and make use of their more stealthy abilities to keep alive, with no idea what the future may hold.
Beth CavendishHumanPhilanthropistBeth was the sole inheritor of a wealthy estate passed down from her parents, and now seeks to help those who are struggling in the aftermath of the various disasters which have recently blown over the continent. Though she’s not sure of exactly what she can do, she’s determined to use every ounce of her resources to make the world a better place.
Micah DunnElfApple Cart VendorFruits are a delicacy, and Micah’s work as a salesman was really beginning to go places before everything changed. After an attack by a rogue psion which was closely followed by Straad Micah is now left with the pieces of his business to rebuild his life.
Nelson ThielenChanglingMayor's AidNelson isn’t really sure who their true parents are, as they were adopted at a young age. In their teens they learned that they were a changeling and were determined to utilize their abilities, which have currently landed them a place by the mayor’s side.
Duke WashingtonHumanBlacksmithThough currently just an apprentice, Duke’s ingenuity and strength give them a good potential to go far as a blacksmith. Their master can get a bit irritated at their tendency to get lost in daydreams, but Duke works hard to make up for it and hopes one day to make something truly spectacular.
Jazzara LairhornTieflingLibrarian Like most tieflings, Jazzara as had to deal with racism from a very young age. They’ve managed to get a respected position at Esterholt’s library even so, and would like to spend their years amongst books without having to deal with other people.
Chris McDanielHumanBlacksmithChris is the owner of a well-known smithing stand. Though they spend most of their time making weapons and armor for Esterholt’s guards, they have been known to produce truly grand creations when given the right inspiration.
Ferreus LibranHalfingTeacherBeing a teacher isn’t the easiest job in the world, particularly when most of your students are twice your height. Ferreus is known to grumble, but they truly love their job and want the best for their students.
Cornelius Butters esqHalf ElfSeller of fine liquor There is one shop in all of Theria that is known for having truly grand liquor, and it is currently run by Cornelius Butters esq. The half-elf doesn’t let anything go for cheap, but every buyer always gets their money’s worth.
Jay AbendrothHumanTeacher's AidJay doesn’t really know what they want to do with their life, but after spending most of their life taking care of younger siblings they’re quite good with children. Currently they work helping out in schools, all the while trying to pinpoint exactly what it is they want to do.
Farthers MonticuleHumanOptometristThough traditionally glasses were only available to those who could afford cut crystal, Farthers was at the head of a wave of innovation in the field. Their innovations with glass have allowed almost anyone to procure a pair of spectacles if needed, and this work has truly been a blessing for many.
Jamie WrattenHumanSculptor Jamie is a bit of a recluse, and spends most of their time hidden away in their studio. Despite their lack of people skills their work has been featured in galleries across the land, and only the truly prestigious are able to claim they own one of their sculptures.
Lumma PiklHalfingChefGrowing up in a well-off family, Lumma never experienced much hardship or wanted for much. Their love of the land has led them to a job in the food industry, where they are struggling to push forward a vegetarian movement.
Adam SacerdoteHumanMerchant of fine cheesesEsterholt’s liquor shop is known far and wide, and as any good entrepreneur Adam saw this as an opportunity. After buying the property next door and setting up shop for cheese they’ve begun to make quite a good living, and are looking into a partnership with Butters.
Merek CaradasHumanClericMerek is an adamant follower of Kord, even though he’s never been great at fighting. Instead he’s taken up healing, and helps to support those who can spread the good word with more forceful fist.
Patrick WebsterHumanBardAfter wondering the land for several years, a scrape with a group of Kobolds have grounded Patrick for a while. Though at first he felt caged, the man has since found this might be an opportunity to become more than he was.
Nathan HartleyHumanLawyerNathan is smart, and it shows. Even though he’s only just begun his career, his name can be heard circling around in the right circles, and his ability to work with and around the law can be bought for the right price.
Charles KregloHumanJudgeThere are perhaps fewer individuals in Theria that care for what’s right than there should be, and Charles is one of those few. He is determined to use his position as a way to make things right in even small ways.
Israh RheaHalf ElfLute MakerIsrah always had a love for music, and when their father passed away they decided they would take over his business. Their lutes are beautiful and make the most marvelous sounds that only the best bards can truly appreciate.
Finneas Richard Kinnison IIIHumanWine MerchantA new immigrant to Esterholt, business hasn’t exactly gone the way Finneas has dreamed. His competitors have been in place for far longer and recent disasters haven’t helped, but one way or another Finneas will make this work.
DévakíDrowMerchantIf it's something you aren't meant to buy, Dévakí will be able to provide it for a modest, but fair, sum. Dévakí came to Esterholt with Silverclaw to try to make a base of operations and was quickly put in charge of making a name as a black market dealer. More of a pawn of the guild than a member, Dévakí still needs to climb up the ranks before being considered important.

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