Town of Fairbay

The Town of Fairbay

Fairbay is a quiet little town on the edge of the Cerulean Sea. Because of it’s proximity to the sea, many a wandering pirate or traveler comes through the town, happy for a peaceful reprieve from a dangerous life. Though once a year some hunters make their way to Lochfort, most of the residents live life as a good and decent community, only heading to the competition to help those in need.

Residents of Fairbay

AudraexDwarfTown Guard The dwarf is known locally as a bit of a drunkard, but the town looks on them fondly all the same. Having worked for House Hammerhand back in the day, many are thankful to have Audraex’s skills at work protecting the good people of the town.
FortisHumanFishermanChildren will sometimes laugh at Fortis, telling each other how they never want to end up fishing all their lives. But as they do this Fortis simply smiles, thinking back on their history as a famed pirate and how happy they now are to live a simpler life.
RemyHumanBlacksmithLuckily Fairbay doesn’t have much need for weaponry, but if they did Remy could make some fine ones. Though they’re known to gripe about being stuck forging everyday tools, they clearly are passionate about their craft no matter how glamorous the work is.
Shawn MeekerHumanTailorWorking with cloth can seem boring, but it doesn’t have to be. Not if every customer who puts on one of your creations looks amazing and can’t help but smile, and certainly not if you’re Shawn, who sends crates of free clothes to war orphans and those without a home.
Valerie SpanierHumanSmugglerValerie likes to say they know all about the important things in life, even if those things might not be exactly legal. They know how to get them, too, and how to charge a nice bit of gold for the family waiting back in Fairbay.
Keaden FletcherHumanArrow MakerThe art of a hunt is a delicate on indeed, especially if you live in the southeast of Theria. No one truly appreciates that art as much as Keaden, and chances are if you buy an arrow it was made by his careful hand.
Tucker ScottHumanBakerTucker was a bit of a braggart in their youth, but after a fateful event in the wilderness settled down to become a baker. Their sweat rolls are the best for miles around, even if they still fear stories of werebalds.
Dilo PandorHalflingCarpenter As a child the halfling was always playing with toy bricks, and that translated into a skilled eye when it comes to turning ideas into reality. Dilo specializes in building houses, especially ones that are made for those not of human proportions.
Jeffrey SwindleGnomeFruit VendorDelicacies like fruit are hard to come by, especially in places where any extensive farmland is likely to get trampled by ogres. Jeffery is glad to take advantage of this fact, even if after an encounter with a werebald he’s taking to letting others bring the wares to him.
James ChadwickHumanFIshermanWhile some people lust for the excitement of the open road and the thrill of adventure, James would rather spend his time in the river near Fairbay. Many people in town fish as their profession, James uses it as a way to unwind. His previous job was fairly stressful and retiring in Fairbay seemed like the perfect escape.
Paul LesiukHuman FishermanThough they are in fact the youngest of their siblings, many mistake Paul as being the oldest. They’re the responsible one after all, and sometimes the only thing stopping Jonah and Joshua from getting themselves too deep in trouble.
Jonah LesiukHumanHunterJonah was a wild kid, and not much has changed since their youth. Hunting is a dangerous profession in these parts after all, and only one with a love for danger would be able to do it so well.
Joshua LesiukHumanHunterA middle child, Joshua was always not too far behind Jonah. He’s the craft one of the group, and a tendency to play pranks has since turned into a fantastic skill at laying traps.
Ben WilsonElfTeacherBen is loved universally amongst the town, as most everyone in Fairbay was taught by them at some point in their life. The elf is immensely wise beyond their years (however many there may be), and has an unheard of skill when it comes to getting through to children.

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