City of Lochfort

The town of Lochfort

– Lochfort is a small town that rests just to the south of the Silver Glade. Lochfort is known for it’s gorgeous sunsets, beautiful fields and constant werewolf attacks.  It’s now widely known that the town has had it’s fair share of problems with the local wildlife. The people there have even went so far as to enact “The Great Hunt”, a tri-annual event that gathers hunters from both Fairbay and Lochfort to hunt down werewolves in the Glade and try to eliminate them en mass. This has had mixed results.

Residents of Lochfort

Forgath IronclawDwarfGuard Forgrath’s job as a guard has allowed him to perfect many of his combat skills, and has lead to a sideline gig as a martial arts instructor. He specializes in a particularly vicious groin-biting attack that has frightened the fight out of many opponents.
Ezra BlackmooreTieflingBartenderAs a bartender, Ezra is always privy to the secrets of Lockfort. As a tiefling, he has very few scruples about using that information to his own advantage. After discovering some particularly useful information about the mayor, he has avoiding paying taxes for the past three years.
Dega VasDrowHunterDega Vas is such a successful hunter, that he has won every game of Hide and Seek that he has ever played. Some of the people of Lockfort suspect that he uses some sort of drow trickery to cheat, but since no one has ever been able to prove it, he remains the town’s champion seeker.
Zorrow Z. ZallzzazainDrowBarberZorrow is the best barber in Lockfort, which may be why many of the residents prefer to keep their hair long, and grow beards. He scoffs at the idea of using something as mundane as scissors in his barbering, and prefers weightier tools for the job. His favorite pair of hedge clippers is named Braddock.
JoffreyHumanGrave DiggerJoffrey is not particularly fond of people, and tried to find a job where he could spend as little time with them as possible. While grave digging doesn’t quite fit the bill, at least the dead don’t pester him for conversation very often. It has caused some difficulties in his love life, however.
Marek GauntlgrymDwarfHunterMarek had thought a florist shop would be a surefire money maker in a town like Lockfort. He hadn’t expected that so few people would actually mourn the dead. He’s currently trying a new tactic of marketing his flowers as a welcoming gift to strangers passing through town.
Anubis BlackleafHalf DrowHunterAnubis has been hunting since he was a small child, and has spent years perfecting his skills. Most of the time, he just sneaks up on other hunters in the dark and steals their kills. It’s kept his family fed for years, and no one suspects him.
Jaden MaruHumanHunterHunting is in Jaden’s blood, and it’s the only thing he’s ever wanted to do in life. He feels that he is watched over by forest spirits, a belief that is only reinforced by the tributes they take from his spoils in the night.
Syrin RyhartHumanHunterSyrin lives in a space below the local tavern, never venturing out if he can help it. The tiefling bartender allows him room and board in the cellar as long as he is always listening through the cracks and holes in the floor for any useful information. If he fails to provide something useful, he’s forced to listen to the bartender gossip about everyone in town.
SknitchDrowMurdererSknitch hadn’t planned on becoming a murderer, but after the first one it seemed like it was meant to be. Sknitch is responsible for quite a few deaths throughout Theria, and has managed to avoid being caught. For now.
Karl JosefHumanHunterKarl Josef supplies rare and unusual game to buyers throughout Theria. The secret to his success his a magnificent set of sideburns that disguises him enough to sneak up on his prey, before striking a killing blow
JobHumanHunterA life as a hunter has not been an easy one for Job. After numerous run-ins with dangerous wildlife, he is missing several fingers and lost a leg in a freak deer-mauling incident. He prefers not to talk about it.
Thorfin WarfangHalf OrcGuardAs a half-orc, Thorfin has found his opportunities have been somewhat limited. He works as a guard for now, but he hopes to pursue his real dream of a career in interpretive dance. He spends his free time perfecting his emerging butterfly dance.
MiscellaneaElfChefAfter making enough money working at a bakery specializing in traditional Therian grieving breads, Miscellanea decided to branch out and open a restaurant. They serve a menu of comfort foods, but if you know the secret phrase, a variety of meals made from rare and exotic game is also available. For a price.
Talon NightbreezeHalf-ElfHunterTalon and his pet panther Zidane settled down in Lochfort after leaving The Evergreen. Talon will not speak on why he left, but there is a scar on Zidane's back which he always touches lightly when he is asked why he came. In Lochfort he felt as though he had found a place for himself, as he and Zidane could help protect the people of the town.

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