City of Onak-Al

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The City of Onak-Al

Formerly the shining beacon of The Wastes, a huge stretch of desert lands separating the city from the others. After a curse placed on the city by a visiting House of Brightport, the residents underwent a particularly deadly transformation. Now the former beacon is a deathtrap to any foolish enough to cross into it’s borders.

Residents of Onak-Al

Arel TrentElfZombieArel had been a traveling weapons merchant who only made their way to Onak-Al because they heard there were rare desert stones sold there which could be sharpened once and not dull for years. It was literally the day they arrived that the zombie outbreak took place. Arel was spending the night at a local inn, and the illness took them in their sleep, probably the best way of becoming what they became.
Andy BignellHumanZombieAndy was one of the few humans in Onak-Al who didn't like the slave ring. He refused to attend the tournaments, taking a moral stand against slavery. That moral high ground did not help him when his illness set in, but he was thoroughly convinced that the slave ring had something to do with the plague- though he was never able to voice that opinion before he turned.
Amanda PieperHumanZombieAmanda was a baker, and a good one at that. She had three sons, and though one strayed to the Nu'Val the others were good and hard-working, honest men. She was a bit past her prime and her husband had already left Theria for the afterlife. If she had known that night that she would pass away in her sleep, she would not have minded terribly, as she was ready to see her husband again.
Corey BoughtonHumanZombieOne of the few warriors in Onak-Al who did not team up with the slavers, Corey was a tank on the field and able to take on many at once. Had they lived through the plague of the night, they may have made it out of the city alive. However, they were not given that chance and perished in their sleep like all of the others.
Fayt SteinGuardDrowZombieFayt had heard rumors in Brightport about a zombie outbreak. Something about the houses getting together to take care of it. Fayt didn't believe that it was so dire. Those filthy house leaders just wanted all the gold to themselves... But if Fayte got there FIRST, then... well, less gold for the already rich, and Fayte could pay off their debts. Unfortunately, the zombie outbreak was just as dire as the leaders had made it seem, and Fayte was bitten before the houses came together to fight them off.
Jon ToussaintHumanZombieJon was a pot maker, which seems like a silly task until one realizes that pots hold water, and in the desert they may be the most important items in your home. Jon was good at his job, though he did dream of one day painting the pots he made and selling them as art rather than utility items. Like all of the others Jon died in his sleep and was unable to carry through with his aspirations.
Gregorio SotinHumanZombieGregorio was a slave in the prisons to fight in the pit. Tall and quick, jumping around the field and even taking down trolls by jumping on their backs and slitting their throats, Gregorio had been a crowd favorite, though a tiefling was moving in on his turf. He had a very good chance of winning his own freedom, had the curse never set in.

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