City of Overwatch

The City of Overwatch

– One of the most prominent cities in all of Theria, Overwatch has made itself the center of political strife for the past decade or so. Ruled by King Zannon Carter who had a feud with a group of mixed-raced travelers, he soon unleashed a string of propaganda inspiring hatred against the non-human races. The city closed off its borders and began creating weapons in the Warforged, determined to spread those borders and overtake the entire continent. Though Carter ruled through fear of the other, his hatred toward other races seemed to only be a means in which he controlled others, not the goal of his war. Only recently did the King plummet to his death at the hands of Yenward Firestomp, and the fate of the large city is still unknown.

Residents of Overwatch

Saracen CainHumanMageA mage in the service of Archmage Loreweaver, Saracen Cain was often seeing running errands for his master. When not doing that, he constantly was seen in the library, searching for books. No one knows what he was researching, nor have they seen him since the Invasion.
Darius VatriHumanRequisition OfficerDarius modeled his career after his commanding officer, Thoven Fletcher. Never one to aspire to loftier goals, Darius did his duty and not much more. Not that handing out weapons offered much room for improvement but still, Darius had an easy job and was not looking for much else.
AlexanderHumanBar OwnerThe owner of the Warrens, the military bar, Alexander managed to get the property for a very discounted price. Usually seen with his Barkeep Jackson, Alexander is always welcoming to the people in his bar, as long as the keep it relatively civil. If you cause trouble in his bar, you had better start looking for another bar to go to.
KiraHumanBounty HunterKira was one of many bounty hunters drawn to the Overwatch nearly 17 years ago. The promise of money in exchange for non-human people was an opportunity that they could not pass up. Though the bounties on non-humans has died out, there are still those that want someone found.
Robert NicholasHumanRequisition OfficerRobert Nicholas once had a promising career. Unfortunately, during a battle in the Evergreen, he took an arrow to the knee, ending any hopes he had at being on the frontline. He was delegated to the armory, where he put his passion into caring for the weapons. He is notorious for wanting everything returned in the exact condition in which is was given, which is particularly difficult for any bombs...
Blance GoldenbladeHumanKnightBlance started their transition to adulthood like many young people of the Overwatch did: by joining the army. A skilled combatant, Blance followed orders to a T, believing that the mission preceded all else. With the advent of the Warforged army, the need for skilled warriors on the front lines lessened. As to not waste talent, Blance was made into a knight and was given protection detail of the king’s castle.
Theophania RaftisHumanBakerTheophania, or Theo for short, is one of Overwatch’s premiere bakers. Specializing in various breads, Theo believes that there is a food for any occasion. Due to recent events, Theo is working overtime to fulfill order for Grieving Rolls…
Daniel GiffordHumanTeacherEver since he was young, Daniel loved to learn. He believed that there was no pursuit nobler than one of knowledge. He hopes to impart his passion for knowledge to younger generations, as he teaches them all he himself knows.
Alex LindleyHumanDog GroomerPampering your pooch is Alex's profession. From cleaning to combing, Alex does all possible to make sure your best friend looks and feels its best.
AJ ReadHumanLibrarianThe library of Overwatch is quite extensive and people can get lost in the numerous aisles and books. However, AJ is more than adept at navigating the shelves and not only locating any item asked but rescuing lost people. More than once, he had to chase out Daniel Gifford after being there for hours on end.
Simon WalkerHumanKnightSimon is the son of a knight of Overwatch. Though the title is more honorary than practical, Simon took it to heart. Reading books of fictional knights, he adopted their chivalrous code and strove to protect everyone. He joined the army to gain strength and his loyalty was rewarded. Along with Blance Goldenblade, he was given his own knighthood and served to guard Castle Overwatch.
JerleHumanBarberAccording to Jerle, anyone can swing a sword. It takes an artist to wield scissors, though. Jerle's attention to detail and precision with a razor makes their shop a must-visit for any hair needs.
Eric PollockHumanFarmerEver since that mess with the elves years ago, Overwatch has had a great need for skilled farmers. A former merchant wanting to settle down, Eric is neither the most skilled nor passionate of farmers. However, he has plenty of money that allows him to hire those that are more skilled and stronger than he.
Fr. Wilphus SnowdenHumanClericAfter the death of Mayor Lucius Meridian, Father Zannon Carter was declared Mayor. This left a vacancy for the leader of the temple for Amaunator. Wilphus was one of the most senior priests at the time and looked upon favorably by the community. After many days of prayer and ritual, Wilphus was decreed chosen by the god to be the next in command, earning him the title of Father.
Abrym BardockHumanBakerAnother of Overwatch’s premiere bakers, Abrym is most popular with children because of one main reason: he focuses mostly on making sweets. Cakes, cookies, sweet breads, if it involves sugar, Abrym probably bakes it. He was even learning a few special recipes from a woman named Flo Lar’va.
Drew FreemanHumanSlaverDuring the time of the Tournament of Champions, life for Drew was good. There was a constant need for slaves for the arena and he was happy to provide. However, after its disbandment, Drew had to turn to other means for survival, namely a group named the Nu-Val. After the tournament was revived, Drew’s Nu-Val contacts were happy to provide combatants for the competition.
Anubis GrimHumanTattoo ArtistHis usual customers are new army recruits trying to show off and convince others of their strength and bravery by getting tattoos. Anubis is well known for taking great pride in all his artwork, from a simple flower to animals fighting.
Broka GarrHumanFarmerA simple, quiet life is all Broka wanted. When there was a call for more farms to be made, Broka was glad to oblige. Relatively reclusive, Broka keeps their crops well-tended and is rarely seen in town. They keep enough of their produce for themselves and sells the rest at the market.
Patrick GoldmanHumanKnightAt a young age, Patrick was in the audience during the Tournament of Champions when it was held in Overwatch. He saw the winners of that tournament turn from Champions to outlaws. This made him decide that he would train and become a true champion, one that upholds the laws. His dedication and training caught the eye of King Zannon Carter and Patrick was chosen to be part of the entourage that protected King Carter during his trips
Bryce ElderHumanMageA young mage whose thirst for the arcana has yet to be quenched. He apprenticed under Archmage Loreweaver and has done various side jobs to further his ultimate goal: travel to Uman'Yiro and study with the mages there.
Trey TaylorHumanDairy FarmerAnimals can either be your best friend or worst enemy was something Trey's father told him many years ago. Trey was raised taking care of the farm animals with the preparation that he would take over one day. After inheriting the farm when his father got too old, Trey believed in the sancitity of his herd. It is unclear how but people around town swear that dairy gotten from Trey's farm is better than most others even though he does nothing special except care for his creatures.
Brian SmithHumanBlacksmithBorn with a love for fire and forge, Brian followed in his father’s footsteps and became a blacksmith. With a military as large as the Overwatch has, there is ever a dull moment or lack of work. Known for his attention to detail, Brian is the go-to guy for weapon repairs.
Atomo ShipsailHumanMonkA wanderer who came to the mainland via Fairbay, Atomo travelled across the land spreading the idea of tolerance amongst races and the evils of slavery. He came across Overwatch and was mortified by the human-supremacist ideals shown by its leader. Atomo decided to stay in the town and preach instead of wandering. When asked why he stayed, despite the government being against him, he would just reply that there were "heathens aplenty around here."
Zachary "Chilled Milk" WilleyHumanBartenderA bartender at the military hangout, the Warrens. As the one who provides drinks, Zachary is on quite good terms with all the military people. He smiles and laughs at their obviously embellished stories, admonishes any roughhousers and ALWAYS makes sure people pay their tab. No one knows why he is called "Chilled Milk" by some but any inquiries are always met with another drink.
Jonathon KoontzHumanWriterSlayer of beasts, Conqueror of Kobolds, Jonathon is one of Theria’s most accomplished adventurers…on paper. An acclaimed writer, Jonathon writes novels about imagined heroes, saving damsels in distress from the plethora of Therian evils. While waiting for inspiration for his next book, he moonlights as a writer for the local paper.
Richard VanhauenHumanWeapons MerchantIf it can be used to hit or cut something or someone, Richard most likely has it or knows where to get it. From kitchen knives to great war hammers, he has a fascination for all weapons. No one knows why he has such a passion or where some of the weapons come from. All they know is that if Richard’s shop is the place to go for a good deal on a good weapon
Matt ThompsonHumanMerchant of Exotic CheesesAre the cheeses exotic or is he? That question plagues many customers of Matt's shop. One question that does not bother them though is the quality of cheese Matt provides. The stock rotates regularly and there is always something new to try. Everyone is grateful for the service provided in obtaining their cheesy delicacies.
Ryan MastersonHumanClericRyan is an up-and-coming cleric from the temple of Amaunator. They originally started learning from Father Carter himself. However, after Carter's ascension, Ryan floated around to various clerics, learning all they could. It is Ryan's dream to join an adventuring group and provide assistance to not only the party, but to anyone in towns through which they travel.
Cody SinonHumanKnightThe son of a son of a knight, Knighthood has been passed down to all men of the Sinon line. In an effort to protect his son and the family line, Cody's father used his influence to try an keep his son busy but safe. This resulted Cody being delegated to the protection of Archmage Loreweaver, despite the mage never really leaving town or needing protection.
Bard MacKenzieHumanPerformerArmed with a devilish grin and a powerful voice, Bard MacKenzie is one of Overwatch's favorite street performers. Those that see Bard's mime act are astounded by the fluid movements and willpower of the performer. Through only movement, Bard manages to recreate famous battle and retells the story of the rise of Father Carter, giving each character surprising depth. There are those that wonder if Bard has another, more appropriately named job, but most just simply enjoy the show.
Artyom DawntrackerHumanHunterIt is a common joke around certain neighborhoods that Artyom Dawntracker spends almost as much time in the Evergreen as the elves. However, they never seem to complain when he brings in the spoils of his hunts. Raised on the outskirts of the forest, Artyom was very familiar with the area and frequently hunted with his father. The Overwatch’s clear-cutting operation forced him to find a new favorite hunting area but he is skilled enough for it to not be a large problem.
Bryant EspinozaHumanKnightWhen he was fifteen, Bryant joined an expedition led by Captain of the Guard, Ian Serverus, into the Evergreen against rabid elves. Though another group of adventurers solved the problem, those that were on the mission and lived were granted knighthood by interim mayor Zannon Carter. Ever since then, Bryant has patrolled the gates and walls of the great city, keeping a vigilant yet suspicious eye towards the forest.

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