The Evergreen

The Evergreen

The Evergreen is a forest that takes up a gigantic portion of the Western side of Theria. Home to many elves for hundreds of years and also serving as a base to the White Raven’s in the past few years. After the great dragon Straad destroyed a large swath of the land, the number of the residents of The Evergreen plummeted, as many lost their lives in the fire. However, the forest attempts to thrive on. The leader of the Elves, Brettana Moonshadow, is not one to be broken easily, or allow her people to be.

Residents of The Evergreen

Ghazah GreymossRazorclaw ShifterHunterOver the years Ghazah has spent more and more of their time as a feline. They prefer the ways of the forest to anything relating to society, and over the years their hatred towards humans has grown as they’ve watched the Overwatch destroy their home.
Ciyo NalElfDefender of Cal-CasCiyo is devoutly loyal to their people and their home, as was shown when they almost died defending Cal-Cas agains the Overwatch. Though they are still in recovery they want to help the war effort in any way they can, and despaired over the loss of a significant portion of forest to Straad.
Chris MosHumanWhite RavenFleeing the reach of the Overwatch was never a certain path, and in the process Chris lost his entire family. Ever since he’s worked with the White Ravens, and wants nothing more than to stop Carter’s forces from ruining any more lives.
Angus ThainHumanWhite RavenThough originally born in Overdale, Angus left the city when Carter began to show his true colors. Eventually he found the Ravens, and now works with them in hopes of freeing those he knew who are trapped behind the tyrant’s walls.
Thomas BerryElfWhite RavenAs a child Thomas’s family was part of a small group of elves who had built a village on the outskirts of Overdale, hoping to form connections between the races. Years later he watched everyone he ever knew get slaughtered by Warforged, and has been fighting back alongside the White Ravens ever since.
Delaria SilverspinnerElfMageDelaria is one of the prize mages of the Evergreen. Their mother was close friends with Britanna, and they’ve always been driven to use their talents for the good of their people.
Slate RendarkGoliathHunterThere are rumors of a lone goliath who travels the Evergreen and assists lost travelers, but no one knows if they are true or not. For their part Slate prefers to be alone, spending much of their time meditating and thinking on the past.
Garen McGheeHumanWhite RavenGaren never really knew firsthand the plight that many have experienced at the hands of the Overwatch, but after hearing the stories he couldn’t sit by and do nothing. He left his home to help the Ravens and defend those who could not protect themselves.
Rayden CensuraElfDefender of Cal-CasThough elven history is long and much of it is uncertain, Rayden has always been dedicated to protecting it. Their people’s culture is vitally important, and they were proud to defend Cal-Cas with the rest.
GendrulHalf OrcRefugeeSurprisingly soft-spoken and shy for someone with orcish blood, Gendrul’s family home was desolated by Overwatch forces. Having no other recourse they fled with their family to the Evergreen, and have no idea what might come next.
Michael WolfspireRazorclaw ShifterRefugeeMichael barely managed to escape the Overwatch after being rounded up with others for experimentation. He would have fought in the attack on the city if not for an injury, and though stranded he wants to help in any way he can.
Tyrone BojangleHumanRefugeeHome destroyed by encroaching Warforged forces, Tyrone and his family had no choice but to flee deeper into the Evergreen. He mourns his loss through a determination to find a new home somewhere in the woods.
Barleyman BurgHaflingCookBarleyman’s a kind soul, and when he heard of the chaos happening in the south he knew he had to help somehow. Even though he has no talents when it comes to fighting, he left Winterhaven behind in order to assist the refugees with his talents in cookery.
KiaxGnomeRefugeeKlax was a merchant, and a good one, but an encounter with Overwatch forces almost turned deadly. Since then they’ve been hiding out in the Evergreen amongst the other refugees, hoping that someday soon they might be able to take up their business again.
MilecoElfHunterHunting well in the Evergreen takes a deep knowledge of the forest, and that is something Mileco has never lacked. They are amongst the elite of the elven hunters, and serve as both a guardsman and a provider for their people.
Karina LindfieldElfRogueHaving a fantastic talent with knives and stealth, Karina is deadly and uses her talents for her people. She fought and survived during the attack on the Overwatch, and now looks forward to returning home.

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