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The City of Uman’ Yiro

– Uman’ Yiro has always been a place of higher learning. Originally a place where all magic users could go to hone their craft, the city eventually removed themselves from the continent and took the city into the sky. From that point on they chose to only worry about the gathering of knowledge and not concern themselves with the affairs of Theria. This was a problem of course because the original warforged were created by the mages of the city and when they split away from The Mainland, they banished the living constructs and left them without a home or purpose.

Residents of Uman' Yiro

Richard AshburnerHumanResearcherRichard was the descendant of a long line of foresters, but a sickly childhood led to them being too weak for any physical labor. Instead they turned to books and found their place trying to solve the mysteries of the past.
Xunelus ShadeDrowResearcherGrowing up in the underworld isn’t a childhood that lends itself to quiet thought, and Xunelus always resented having to turn away books for daggers. When they reached adulthood they were finally able to leave for the surface, and made for Uman’Yiro to explore passions they never could have back home.
Durriken KellTieflingMagic InstructorOne of the older residents of Uman’Yiro is Durriken, a tiefling who is beginning to show their age but refuses to let that slow them down. They’ve always had a talent working with the inexperienced, and though they have reputation for being a tad draconian their students always leave knowing exactly what they need.
Darren GabrievHumanResearcherDarren is quiet and spends most of his time amongst books, though that isn’t too unusual for a resident of the magic city. Days will go by without anyone seeing their face, but rumor has it the human is on the brink of finding something big.
Arthur B AblababHumanHigh MageOriginating from the Fire Isles, Arthur didn’t have the greatest childhood. They were quickly on the way to becoming a big name ruffian when chance led to an encounter with a mage from Uman’Yiro, who recognized Arthur’s skills and offered a new life that has suited them much better.
Asariel SuranaTieflingMageAsariel is a young tiefling who was brought to Uman’Yiro as a child by parents who did not know what else to do with a magically inclined child. Since having been taken under Duskwalker’s wing as his apprentice she’s truly flourished, and though her concept of the world is only what she knows from books her powers are great and ever growing.
Andrew MartinHumanResearcherAndrew was raised in a hunting camp, a place that gave them intimate knowledge of animal anatomy. After realizing they wanted a different life they journeyed to Uman’Yiro in hopes of answers, and found them in performing formal studies on the beasts they used to hunt.
Kymon LownGnomeReasearcherDescended from nobility, or at least as noble as a gnome family can get, Kymon always knew they were above dealing with the world. They ended up going to Uman’Yiro to prove this, but even though they have a skill with research they feel strangely unsatisfied by their life.
Amon HoustonHalf ElfMageAn orphan on the streets of Brightport, Amon’s powers eventually led to them joining House Darksbane despite not enjoying the dark acts they were forced to perform. Eventually they were able to leave and escape to Uman’Yiro, and though they’re much happier Amon is worried that one day their true past might be uncovered.
Sarafea DemonsbaneTieflingResearcherSarafea is known as Demonsbane for a reason, and they’re at the head of a growing field of research aiming to reverse the effects of dark magic. The tiefling’s brother was once possessed at the behest of a bloodmage; after a fair series of trials they were able to destroy the demon despite having no magical talent of their own and now seek to help others.
DanetharElfMageDanethar has always been known to have a sharp mind, and their talents with animation led to them being part of the original Warforged effort. They do have some regrets about this but are unsure of exactly what to do, and have been trying to create good things with their art ever since.
VarrissElfMageBorn in the Evergreen, Varriss lived a happy life until the Overwatch began to make intrusions into the forests. They left with their family seeking safety, and hope that the protection of Uman’Yiro would be enough to keep Carter at bay.
Eldobar TieflingMageEldobar was once part of a traveling group of street performers, working their illusionary magic to awe the world. Though they loved the spotlight the wars beginning to cover the world led to them seeking a different profession, and through that they ended up finding a home.
Sithrandil AlahtanElfResearcherThe Gates are one of Theria’s greatest mysteries, and Sithrandil is one of many hoping to solve them. The elf is author of what is considered to be the best compilation of knowledge on the subject, and they work obsessively trying to unravel the true purpose of these objects.
Scott MimsGnomeResearcherThere are few who know Scott’s true history, which is dark at best. It isn’t something that makes others look fondly on you after all, and all the gnome wants is to discover something great amongst the peace he’s manage to find in Uman’Yiro.
Jonathan PerezHumanResearcherAs researchers go Jonathan isn’t the best, but then they’re just starting in the field. Still considered little more than an apprentice, the human isn’t sure exactly what subject he wants to focus on and is trying desperately to find his way.
MathianElfMathematicianMathian is one of the few in Theria who have learned to appreciate the art of numbers. They’re hold up in their room most of the time, working on equations and theories that they’re certain will one day come together to reveal to inner workings of the universe.
Postulant TomasHumanMagePostulant was raised in the church of Amaunatur and this is deeply ingrained in every aspect of their life. They use their magic for what they consider to be good, and are looking for a way to combine magic and the religious arts.

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