City of Winterhaven

The City of Winterhaven

– This walled city of the north is home to a diverse population of different races. Currently led by Lord Nathaniel Serverus, Winterhaven formed the base of operations for the army that marched on the city of Overwatch. It’s wooden walls were replaced with stone after the great siege years prior. A good portion of the city had been burned down and it took more than 3 years for the city to recover. This left it’s people quite reluctant to leave it’s walls or associate with outsiders.  With the war over and the major fighting behind them, Winterhaven is entering into a new era. It remains to be seen how this will effect it’s citizens.

Residents of Winterhaven

Karth StoneclashHumanBlacksmithThough Karth has lived in Winterhaven their entire life, Karth did not have a rich family. Most of their siblings turns to pickpocketing and then slowly delved into worse things. Karth is the only one with a clean record, and is often the one called upon when their siblings are in trouble.
Nick GelinaDrowBakerIn a world were many non-human races are profiled as killers, Nick grew up knowing their every move was being watched. Rather than take to violence in any form, Nick wanted to bake. Their sweets are extremely popular among Winterhaven's populace, often having a line long before sunrise.
Erny ThundersTieflingTown GuardErny was born and raised in Durnhollow, but with the local color, his family
decided to leave when he was young. Though he came to Winterhaven with a sour attitude towards everyone, having known little beyond racism in his previous town, he was treated with such kindness by those around him that he soon changed his outlook. Even if his old home was a cruel one, it didn't mean that he had to be the monster they thought him to be. He decided that protecting the good people was worth his time, and became a soldier to fight for good.
William FaithnGraceMulKnight of WinterhavenBorn to the prestigious FaithnGrace family, William's parents loved each other very much. Odd, for a mul child. He was extremely fortunate. William had much expected of him. He was born to be a hero, and he rose to the challenge. Becoming one of the youngest to be knighted in Winterhaven after helping to stop an Overwatch infiltration, William has aspirations for even more glory.
Chris KentHumanBarberBorn in a small family in Winterhaven, Chris kept his nose clean until he was about 19 years old, but after that point he became a bit of a troublemaker. It took him a few years too settle down into his career as a Barber, and he still has a thirst to travel the world.
Matthew RamcharanHalf-ElfEntertainerThough half-breed children are more common in Winterhaven than others, Matthew still spent most of their life torn between the two cultures. Their mother left when they were quite young, and so what little elven heritage Matthew did know was learned from books. They took a job learning to perform so they could travel and learn more, but so far that has yet to happen.
Ulfgar BronzebeardDwarfKnight of WinterhavenUlgar was born and raised in Stonesunder Mountains, but never felt like they belonged. Though Ulfar became a soldier and tried their best to serve their cause, they eventually left the mountain and came to Winterhaven. Ulfgar became a knight through happenstance, accidentally saving a small child while fighting Overwatch soldiers who were annoying the dwarf. Of course Ulfgar would have tried to save the noble child either way, at the time they really had no idea the young one was even there. Since that time, Ulfgar settled into the city, happy to help when needed.
Gray DavisElfBlacksmithGray was an elf that retreated to Winterhaven after their group was attacked outside of The Evergreen. Taken in by the White Ravens, they had a dire injury and lost one leg. When they heard Winterhaven needed Blacksmiths and they would be safe there, Gray wanted to help. They made themselves a metal leg and started work.
Lasren SniplenHalflingKnight of WinterhavenLasren is an oddity. It is not often a Halfling would chose a life of fighting when placed in a town that lived in realitive safety. However, Lasren was cut from a different cloth. They wanted to fight, to defend the weak, and so they took up a sword. After proving their skill in battle, they were the first halfling to be knighted in Winterhaven.
Vurmined TerrasilDrowBlacksmithBorn in a wealthy family in Fairbay, Vurmined did not know much of the painful world of Theria. They lived out a peaceful until they were about 18 years old, but at that point things changed. They ventured out into the real world, and it did not quite work out. Now a blacksmith in Winterhaven only out of necessity for food, Vurmined Terrasil is glad to be behind high walls now.
Fosgrim KaldherkDwarfTeacherFosgrim has lived an extremely full life. They've been a soldier, a father, a priest and a traveler. They've collected much knowledge on the way and wish to spread said knowledge to the next generation.
Robyn DuerlinDwarfFarmerDwarves are only rarely farmers by trade. Though they enjoy working with their hands they often prefer to take up jobs with metal or fire than sunshine and dirt. Robyn only took up watching the farmland on the outskirts of Winterhaven when they had children and realized they needed to settle down.
Amber HarveyElfBlacksmithAmber has lived their life always wanting to help others, but not in the same way as the elven healers they were exposed to. They wanted to create, and so blacksmithing seemed to most reasonable option. With no aptitude for using the weapons they create, they are known for being able to make the lightest weapons in all of Winterhaven and perhaps all of Theria.
Taidgh MacalesterHumanMageTaigh Macalester was interested in arcana from a young age, and wanted to know everything there was to know. After settling in Uman'Yiro they were involved romantically with one of the other researchers, but that soon soured and rather than continue to see their ex-lovers face at every turn, Taidgh decided to move back to their childhood home and try to spread their love of magic wherever they went.
IftherisDragonbornBardFormer member of “The Bottomless Joys”, Iftheris had a falling out with the other members and decided to make it big on his own. Thus far he is a fairly well-known musician in Winterhaven, but his fame has yet to spread as far as he would have liked.
DeanHumanShop OwnerDean had always been interested in magical trinkets, though not caught up in the intricacies of magic itself. He didn't want to study how to curse or spell objects, only wanting to possess them. To fund this hobby, he settled down selling everyday potions and herbs to make the money he needs to continue expanding his rather dangerous collection.
Paul BennettHalflingTown GuardPaul was a strong child with tons of energy until the day they were cursed by a wicked spellcaster while out playing one day. However, the spell was broken when a town guard from Winterhaven brought Paul by horseback to Uman'Yiro and had the curse removed. Paul had been minutes from death at the time, and when they did survive they dedicated their life to become a chivalrous town guard like the one who saved them.
Ziba RavanaDrowWeapons MerchantZiba has an almost unhealthy obsession with weapons. Though never one to actually fight on the battlefield, a finely crafted blade brings Ziba a joy that can not be contained. Some believe its vaguely fetishistic, and they try to avoid speaking on the subject, but Ziba can always direct any conversation back to weapons.
Sivur FurmileDrowBlacksmithSivur was orphaned at a young age thanks to an Overwatch attack. Growing up in a small clan, they eventually had no choice but to head to the city, and when a blacksmith learned that Sivur didn't have any parents, he took the drow in as an apprentice to help Sivur transition to city life.
Lucas KlotzElfClericLucas was always a softer soul, unable to handle the brutality of the wold. A caring older sibling was the first one to tell Lucas that they may be happiest as a healer, and after following their advice the elf agreed that it was where they belonged. The only part of Lucas's occupation they don't like is seeing people in pain, and Lucas will do everything and anything to keep others from suffering. If all is lost, Lucas would rather mercy kill than continue to watch helplessly.
Nathaniel "Squishy" MyersGnomeBakerNathaniel works for Nick in the most popular bakery in Winterhaven. Though only an apprentice, Nathaniel is very good at his job and it's worth it for Nick to keep a few stools around to help the gnome reach the counters.
Victor ShenHalflingCarpenterThough people joke that a halfling carpenter should specialize mostly in ladders, Victor is the most skilled in woodworking in all of Winterhaven. The profession is already the minority given the demands for weapons, so Victor is certain to always have customers for when houses and bars burn down... Which happens a bit too often for anyone's liking.
Xorin TaanTieflingFruit SalesmanXorin had the deck stacked against them their whole life. First of all, tiefling. Never a good start. Not only that, but abandoned as a newborn in the rain, if Xorin had been a human or elf infant they would have perished before they had a chance. But Xorin lived, though with a chronic lung condition which kept them from becoming a soldier like many of the other tieflings in Winterhaven. Xorin spent their whole life trying to fight the stigma that tieflings have against them.
Geilak DernHalf-ElfDairy FarmerGeilak was raised by his human father, who had the half-elf take over his profession. Geilak never had any interest in elven ways, going out of his way to hide his blood out of bitterness from the mother who left him. He's a bit of a gossip, and even though he doesn't drink much he spends time in the bar to indulge that habit.
Jonathan PiltoverDrowTailorThough Jonathan can and will make any type of clothing, he specialized in working with enchanted materials. He doesn't have the ability to enchant things himself (though he does try often), but he has a way with magic that brings out it's strongest capacity.
SolarisHumanMageSolaris became obsessed with magic when they saw a street performer at a very young age. Though the performer was actually a rogue who was good with slight-of-hand, Solaris began studying real magic to be able to perform such feats themselves. Though not skilled enough to make a name in Umon Yiro, in Winterhaven he's one of the many mages who can be called upon when needed.
LandricHalflingRetired BlacksmithLandric feels like they didn't have many choices in life. Though halflings are often teased for their stature, Landric always took it personally and became a bitter old halfling who hated being called short. As far as blacksmithing went, Landrick only took the profession because they needed money, and they were never very skilled.
Sir Laurent KamarDrowKnight of WinterhavenIt's not incredibly difficult to become a knight, but Laurent Kamar wanted it their entire life. Though the honor always seemed to slip through his fingers, when a battle took place against the Overwatch Laurent showed enough skill to finally be given the honor. Now that they have it, however, they've started questioning whether or not Winterhaven was worth defending after recent events. His leaders are dead, apparently corrupt, and the new leadership seems weak in comparison. Sir Kamar is weary, but willing to give a solid attempt at loyalty.
Redowyn GreenleafElfButcherUsually elves steer clear of anything as 'barbaric' as butchery, but as a hunter their entire life Redowyn doesn't see a difference between live gore and dead, and the job needed to be done. Though now depending more on the young ones to bring the meat, Redowyn still doesn't even flinch when cutting into it.
Daelian BelforthHalf-ElfEx-KnightSir Belforth became a knight by accident. They'd only just joined the soldiers in the field when a fire caught to a nearby building, and after rescuing a group of women trapped inside, realized one of them was the (very pregnant) noble Talia Serverus. After that point Dalian had to constantly defend his position as a knight as it was believed that the title was unearned. After finding out that Talia had been killed, Daelian retired from the army and walked into the nearest bar. They thinks they may have loved her, but didn't realize until after her demise.
Frank WernerHumanTax CollectorFrank sometimes wonders who is more hated in Winterhaven; the Overwatch or the Tax Collectors. It's only a job, but because of it he often sees the darker side of people. In his free time Frank practices swordplay and often considers joining the army, but he has a family to care for.
Joshua PlankHumanFestivals PlannerJoshua was once a bard, an adventurer who traveled the world trying to make the world better. In his earlier days he was easily excitable and noble. He joined the White Ravens in battles against The Overwatch. However, in one said battle Joshua survived a large explosion. He was mostly unharmed, but deafened in both ears. Unable to help in battles, Joshua went back to the City of Winterhaven. He still wanted more than anything to bring joy to the people there, and so began the arduous task of planning large-scale parties for the masses. If he can not fight the threat, he would at least like to help those in danger forget of it, at least for a little while.
James CampanaHalfingArtistJames had to fight his family to become an artist. He was always told a more practical job would be much better for him, but James was determined. If he had grown up anywhere else he would have had to settle for practicality, but in Winterhaven there is still a market for artists.
Devon LundbergGnomeBardAdventuring can be hard for gnomes. If you aren't magic savvy, your choices are fairly limited. Devon wanted that life, and when was a young boy he watched a dwarf performing. He was inspired. Seventeen years later, Devon's only barrier is to convince his parents that he is old enough to set off on his own.
Ostoja RokoszDrowFortune TellerOstoja is not a fake. People think they are because magic-users are generally suspicious, but Ostoja was born with visions. It was even harder being raised by human parents who also didn't trust that anything Ostoja said was true. However once their own shop was open, the more suspicious of Winterhaven have come to depend on Ostoja.
Arthur B. WhalingtonHumanWriterArthur never wanted the adventuring life. His mother had a fiery spirit in her and a need to protect, and it got her killed. After that Arther watched his family fall apart after that, and decided that the life of an adventurer simply wasn't for him. Instead he learned the trade of writing, and runs a successful newspaper. Unfortunately he found out that this life was just as dangerous, as journalism innately involves finding things out that no one wants found out. Arthur wants to supply the people of Winterhaven with the truth- it's the one way he can honor his mother. He can protect them through knowledge, instead of violence.
Xander BastionkeepDwarfKnight of WinterhavenXander grew up in a small, mostly-human community outside of Winterhaven called Overdale, but he only barely remembers it. Mostly he remembers having to run from screaming humans who told him he was the cause of their problems. Well, him and his parents. Xander was only nine years old when they were driven out, barely able to knock a stone out of the way before it hit his baby brothers head. That moment was an epiphany for him- Xander decided he needed to protect people from the evil others could inflict, so Xander practiced sword fighting every day. After a short stint as an adventurer, Xander decided instead to return to the city that took him and his family in and work to protect it.
Cerdra McKayHumanMerchantCerdra was brought into the merchant life because they wanted to explore, but not put their life on the line. Being a merchant means one can travel but, as long as one takes precautions (like never accepting a contract with Lochfort, for instance), also be relatively safe. Cerdra spent their whole life traveling and knows how to procure anything. While some items may be less-than-legal, Cerdra is always careful to not be involved with anything that could hurt others.
JuiceGnomeTattoo ArtistJuice never had the easiest life. Their family started in Brightport, and they made ends meet by stealing. Juice never liked the profession, so he took up one of the few jobs an artist in Brightport could make real money on- tattooing people. Once they scrounged up enough money they made their trip to Winterhaven, where Juice has run a 'parlor' out of their home ever since.
Gisir OakstriderHumanKnight of WinterhavenGisir Oakstrider was born to be a knight, like their parents had been before them. They idolized the soldiers of Winterhaven their whole life, and as soon as Gisir was 20 they signed up for the guard as well. In the years since Gisir has shown time and time again that they can be a model citizen and soldier. Many times they have put their life on the line for the lives of others, and because of those actions Gisir was knighted.
Njarl KrakendoomTieflingCity GuardNjarl is a patient man, but also an incredibly strong one. Though he comes across as gruff he is actually very reasonable and probably the best city guard to turn to when you are in need of help because he always chooses the most moral path. He only has ill will in his heart for one tiefling, the infamous Malchus, for soiling the name of his kind.

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