Yemgar Swamp

Yemgar Swamp

– It would be a stretch to call the few who live on the edges of Yemgar Swamp a ‘community’. Separated from the nearest city by The Evergreen, most of those who find themselves living there are only came to run away. Either by setting up tents or small cabins, those who find themselves so far West that they can go no further without a boat have formed a shaky new ‘home’ on the outskirts of a Witch’s property.

Residents of Yemgar Swamp

Thomas RinglerunHumanExiled SoldierRinglerun was a soldier back in the day, and damn fine one at that, but that day has long since passed. They were exiled from the army for assisting fugitives when their home city was still called Overdale, and now helps those who can find them on the outskirts of Yemgar.
Kwame SecondBorneTieflingHunterThere aren’t many places where a tiefling can be completely free from suspicious glances, and the swamps are one of them if only because very few actually live there. Kwame is one of them, and they’re more than happy to have traded mistrust for the wilderness and thrilling danger of their new homeland.
Zekk VandenDrowNecromancerA pining curiosity in things better left buried eventually led Zekk to try their hand at working with the undead, an act that quickly got them banished from his people. Once on the surface they longed for a place of darkness like the caves they would never see again, and after a bit of journeying found it - along with the isolation needed to continue their research.
KraggishDragonbornClericKraggish was constantly plagued by unusual dreams from the first moment they can remember, and when they became more obvious it was clear they either needed to leave Or’Rash or be put to death. Having nothing else they followed the path laid out in their dreams, and a long trail of following the guidance of what they now know to be the Raven Queen has led them to the swamp.
DargovGnomeEscaped ConvictDargov was never exactly kind, even as far as gnomes go, but they never considered themselves a real criminal until trapped in irons. Quick thinking and a well timed kobold attack helped them to slip their bonds, but being hunted by the Overwatch drove them to the only nearby place where someone could disappear for a while.
DurnarShifterHunterUnlike most residents of the swamp, Durnar was born and raised in what many think a strange and dangerous place. The shifter, however, thinks otherwise and lives a content if unusual life in these lands they know as well as their own heartbeat.
Darstelm RumblewoodHumanMagical Herb CollectorTrying to stake out a living as an botanist in war-torn lands is not an easy thing, especially when those wars always seem to involve the destruction of wildlife. Luckily Darstelm is as stubborn as they are interested in science, and came to Yemgar many years ago to begin a survey of exactly what strange plants are to be found there.
Zachary James PurolElfTrapperGetting by on selling furs can be tough, unless you happen to be selling the hides of beasts that are particularly hard to capture. Luckily Zachary excels at this, and their ingenuity with traps has led to a growing fortune from the carcasses of beasts many people have never even heard of.
Jon ToussaintHumanTracker/GuideThough Jon appears to be a perfectly average human, any who have met them swear there’s something unusual about them. They live in the swamps after all, and if you can pay whatever price they happen to be asking they can guide through any untouched wilderness with a peculiar ease.

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