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  1. Hannah Murphy Reply

    I started walking brutal trails through the mountains and decided, “why not, I’ll listen to the podcast while I hike.” Instantly made both the podcast and the hike tenfold bad ass. Thanks!


  2. David Katko Reply

    Hey guys! I started listening to your podcast about a year ago at times when I had nothing to do, and even at the beginning (the very beginning: episode 1) when it was “bad”, I got really into it and thought it was amazingly interesting. I wanted to play really badly, but trying to get a party was extremely difficult and I couldn’t get enough people, and slowly I listened to the podcast less and less. However, I checked my phone’s podcasts app a few weeks ago and saw it, remembered, started listening, and fell in love again! Now I’ve organized my group’s first session about a week from now. Just wanted to say thank you!

  3. Thomas Reply

    I’m new to the show started with episode 1 about 3 weeks ago and I’m loving every episode. I used to play D&D started with the red box set in the late eighties and played through till about 1995 then got married to a non-nerd who didn’t understand the need to game. If you are ever looking for another group please keep me in mind it would be a blast to play with you all.

  4. Jackson Reply

    Hey D&R Crew,
    I’m a DM who started the podcast at episode 1 about four months ago for inspiration. Already at episode 90 (I listen at work), and loving it more with every episode. Thanks so much for doing what you do!

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