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  1. Hannah Murphy Reply

    I started walking brutal trails through the mountains and decided, “why not, I’ll listen to the podcast while I hike.” Instantly made both the podcast and the hike tenfold bad ass. Thanks!


  2. David Katko Reply

    Hey guys! I started listening to your podcast about a year ago at times when I had nothing to do, and even at the beginning (the very beginning: episode 1) when it was “bad”, I got really into it and thought it was amazingly interesting. I wanted to play really badly, but trying to get a party was extremely difficult and I couldn’t get enough people, and slowly I listened to the podcast less and less. However, I checked my phone’s podcasts app a few weeks ago and saw it, remembered, started listening, and fell in love again! Now I’ve organized my group’s first session about a week from now. Just wanted to say thank you!

  3. Thomas Reply

    I’m new to the show started with episode 1 about 3 weeks ago and I’m loving every episode. I used to play D&D started with the red box set in the late eighties and played through till about 1995 then got married to a non-nerd who didn’t understand the need to game. If you are ever looking for another group please keep me in mind it would be a blast to play with you all.

  4. Jackson Reply

    Hey D&R Crew,
    I’m a DM who started the podcast at episode 1 about four months ago for inspiration. Already at episode 90 (I listen at work), and loving it more with every episode. Thanks so much for doing what you do!

  5. Grey Geist Reply

    Started listening to these guys when I heard of their podcast through the upcoming DragonCon 2016 (think ComicCon but in Atlanta) app. I started with about 7 days to go until DragonCon and before I knew it I was going to every panel they spoke at that I could and I had devoured 10 episodes. Jason & Bri run a good ship and have the best intentions. I wish them and the group players the best of luck!

  6. Stephen Reply

    You guys are amazing! I love all of the personalities and I appreciate all of the hard work that you put into brightening up other people’s days! I just finished the 100th episode (phenomenal job, btw) and can’t wait to see where it goes from there.

    • James Reply

      Dude! I just got to episode 150 after like a year of listening! It’s hard at times… (With the death, the struggle, and all the things…) But sooo worth it.

  7. Duane Reply

    Jason and crew, I started listening as a fluke in December of 2014. I was about to go on a trip and had just gotten an iphone with that “useless” podcast button. I had found another podcast that had just released a D&D episode. I had not played D&D since college and thought it was the most amazing thing. I, then, decided to see if there were other people playing D&D on podcasts and was instantly awarded with way more options than I had ever expected. I found this beautiful podcast and have never been more pleased. I started with Episode 98 and the subsequent GMT where Una and Jason read the list departed PCs and NPCs and truly had no scope for what I was listening. But it was so engaging that I had to know! So, I took the plunge and went back to Episode 1 (I know…I know) and have been hooked ever since! I feel, when I’m driving through town and listening to the newest episode, that I’m hanging out with some of my closest friends. I have, since, restarted playing D&D and gotten my group members into this podcast. Thank you. Thank you for what you do. Thank you for creating a great work of fiction that lives and breathes!
    I can’t wait to see where Therea goes!

  8. James Johannes Reply

    Started listening a few months back and I’m on episode 24 I’ve loved every single bit of it

  9. Yutsud Reply

    Just want to thank the entire crew for all the work that goes into the show. I’m only on episode 34, but I have already commited to watching less TV (read Youtube, cause who watches TV these days?) to dedicate more time to listening to the show. Keep up the great work!

  10. Briar Kelly Reply

    This group of individuals and the podcast they create is outstanding, took me a handful of months to watch the almost 200 episodes posted, and I don’t regret a second of it. Beautiful stories are created and exciting events unfold every episode. Hope you enjoy nearly as much as I do.

  11. Sai Reply

    Been listening for the past two years. Finely caught up, great podcast. I’m happy I made it right before 200. Thanks for all the hard work. Also we have wizard con up here in Reno, not to far from you guys. When you get the chance you guys should come.😁

  12. Miss Pinky Reply


    Recently started listening to DandR podcast, from episode 1! Up to episode 36 so I still have a way to go before I’m all caught up!! Then I can start watching the twitch videos without fear of big spoilers (am at this moment watching Viagra encounter Ash part 1….OMG WHAT THE FUCK??!) I am Loving the games and so excited to hear what’s happened with our brave (sometimes bickering) adventurers 😀 Sorry, finding it hard to continue writing with VE:Ash playing in the background…!! Gotta go puke/punch something. Then cleanse my brain with DandR ep 36 :) Hope to catch up soon, keep up the great work.

  13. Edward Bourne Reply

    Been listening to episode 200 on my drive to and from work and this morning I got to the ending. Had to pull over for a little weep. What a ride it’s been with all these characters. Been through some pretty big life changes listening since episode 1. Lost 8 stone in weight, new place to live, 3 job improvements.
    Love you all.

    • Jason Massey Reply

      We’ll be working on that in the future. We have posted a ton of stuff on our FB page though. Lot’s of artwork and stuff. :)

  14. David Flewelling Reply

    Love the show long-time listener. LOVED everything about the fight club especially the music. Can’t wait for the show to start back up again!

  15. Jeremy Wagner Reply

    Hi guys! Love the podcast! I’ve listened to episodes 1-164 twice through and am getting caught up to current now! I was wondering what website you guys use to play? A lot of my D&D group are moving cross country this summer so we won’t be able to play pen and paper anymore. Thanks so much for all the hard work and great content!

  16. Andrew Sheybani Reply

    Hey guys! I just found this podcast randomly and I think it’s pretty awesome. Never played D&D before but love the story line so far. Started at the beginning and have made it to episode 10. You guys rock!

  17. Garrett Reply

    The first episode or arc 2 is the first time i’ve been able to listen to something you’ve posted immediately, Still in the 70s for the first arc but loving all the content. Keep up the great work and don’t forget to #piggyup

  18. Mike ray Reply

    Hey guys. I andolutly love your guyes podcast. I have been listening for about a year now and it inspired me to want to do podcasting and now me and some of my friends are starting a d and d podcast. Any tips you have would be much apreciated and thank you for the amazing content.

  19. Reid Reply


    But really, you guys do a great thing and actually improve lives. Small hours of happiness are generated by your product again and again. Your Arc 2 is a cut above. You have really refined your show and the editing, and it is night and day. You guys stepped it up.

    I like the messy crap, like episode 1, but your new stuff is so dayum polished!

    I’ve exhausted my supply of your current content for a non-patreon listener and have decided to take the plunge!

    For this poor shitty student here, please account for 4 years of interest on my monthly patreon! hahahahaha, being a student can be shit. Anyhoo! Have a great day guys!


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