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  1. Hannah Murphy Reply

    I started walking brutal trails through the mountains and decided, “why not, I’ll listen to the podcast while I hike.” Instantly made both the podcast and the hike tenfold bad ass. Thanks!


  2. David Katko Reply

    Hey guys! I started listening to your podcast about a year ago at times when I had nothing to do, and even at the beginning (the very beginning: episode 1) when it was “bad”, I got really into it and thought it was amazingly interesting. I wanted to play really badly, but trying to get a party was extremely difficult and I couldn’t get enough people, and slowly I listened to the podcast less and less. However, I checked my phone’s podcasts app a few weeks ago and saw it, remembered, started listening, and fell in love again! Now I’ve organized my group’s first session about a week from now. Just wanted to say thank you!

  3. Thomas Reply

    I’m new to the show started with episode 1 about 3 weeks ago and I’m loving every episode. I used to play D&D started with the red box set in the late eighties and played through till about 1995 then got married to a non-nerd who didn’t understand the need to game. If you are ever looking for another group please keep me in mind it would be a blast to play with you all.

  4. Jackson Reply

    Hey D&R Crew,
    I’m a DM who started the podcast at episode 1 about four months ago for inspiration. Already at episode 90 (I listen at work), and loving it more with every episode. Thanks so much for doing what you do!

  5. Grey Geist Reply

    Started listening to these guys when I heard of their podcast through the upcoming DragonCon 2016 (think ComicCon but in Atlanta) app. I started with about 7 days to go until DragonCon and before I knew it I was going to every panel they spoke at that I could and I had devoured 10 episodes. Jason & Bri run a good ship and have the best intentions. I wish them and the group players the best of luck!

  6. Stephen Reply

    You guys are amazing! I love all of the personalities and I appreciate all of the hard work that you put into brightening up other people’s days! I just finished the 100th episode (phenomenal job, btw) and can’t wait to see where it goes from there.

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