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~A canonical short story series written by Brian Cook regarding the birth and development of his character Rikus. Thank you to Austin Chaudoin for naming the series.~ The sun shined down with an intensity that would leave most people knocked out on their (More...)

Today has been… Very full. Flo… we took Flo into custody today. I felt sympathy for her, yet at the same time I admire her. She’s got a sharp eye and a soft demeanor, but she also has courage and wisdom. She came with us peacefully, know (More...)

3 years. Thats how long I been on frontline. I watch so many die. Some friends, most enemys. Lot of enemys. Back in the day, work release got us outta jail. Might as well hang our asses instead of armin us, give us fals hope. Naw, that’s fucked up, (More...)